A Partial Eclipse of the <3 @ Berghain

Following the success of our exhibitions Twist in my Sobriety at Kaufhaus Jandorf in October 2013 (2K visitors), Open House at Konzulát for Art Week 2014 (50+ artists and 1k visitors), and Turn Around Bright Eyes at Berghain in 2015 (900 visitors) with Koudlam live, vintage digital imagery , new tech… We now present A Partial Eclipse of the <3 on May 4, again at techno temple Berghain with live sound and digital visual art.

A Partial Eclipse of the <3 is organised by Your Mom’s Agency, supported by the participating artists, Percena, Native Instruments and Berghain; and it is on one hand the follow up to Turn Around Bright Eyes, and on the other hand the Berlin pendant of From Berlin to LA, Second Edition festival from which we bring back Autist and Rainbow Arabia both live.

Get more info via #EclipseBerghain and join us and over 30 artists including 6zm, Baptiste Moulin, Black Cracker, Carla Chan, Dorit Bialer, Hithertoo, Hyenaz, Jamie Harley, Jem The Misfit, Kieran Behan (Crystalmafia), Lisa Junghanss, Lisa Wassmann, Mariana Jukica, Martin Eder, Spaam, Natacha Mankowski, Neven, Nuño de la Serna, Peter Kirn & Gabriela Prochazka, Simonne Jones, Sky Deep, Spaam, Tom Singier (Eurodance), Valerie Renay, Valquire Veljkovic, Vanessa Mitchell, VC Kristi, and Viriya Lynch.